Happy Bees, Happy Clients

Our Customers Are Happy Knowing They’re Helping Save The Bees

Best pricing, super nice guys and they did a great job clearing out the roughly 45,000 bees from our shed! Plus, they save them and that's wonderful!

Katrina S. (FB)

I had the best experience with this company! I came home one day to find thousands of bees building a hive on my balcony. I was so frightened because I had a pet out there and I could not access it. I called my resident services office and they said they could have an exterminator come right out. NO!!! I did not want to harm these beautiful creatures so my friend recommended We Save Bees instead and I'm ecstatic that she did.
Dan came out and very artfully relocated the entire group of bees into another box. It was such a gentle and natural transition for the bees to go from where they were staying on my porch into his bee box. The amazing thing was that they flew in all by themselves. There were no vacuums, no poison, everything was done organically!!
It literally was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. I highly recommend this path towards relocating bees rather than exterminating them to anyone that has a few uninvited visitors near their home.
The price is extremely reasonable. It is even less then having an exterminator kill them or vacuum them. From what I am told The vacuum is that they use are not safe and traumatize or kill the bees. Use We Save Bees instead and preserve our precious natural resource. I have been told that they now live happily in an orchard up near Rancho Bernardo ha ha what an upgrade. Lucky Bees!!

Shar M. (Yelp)

Dan Luong did very efficient work and the process was interesting to watch. I contacted five had companies before finding him, andDan's charge was less than half of any of the others, all of whom would have killed the bees rather than relocate them.

Kenneth H. (Angie’s List)

We had a swarm drift into the neighborhood two days ago. Called HOA, who called the city, whose only response was to put cones up around the swarm and leave it at that. Right across the street is an elementary school. What an unacceptable solution. So, I called We Save Bees to safely, and humanely, take them to a local apiary. It was better than the alternative of: the swarm attacking elementary kids, curious animals, curious kids walking home from school unsupervised, and the swarm moving into one of the houses. Learned a lot from the workers, so I'm very happy and pleased with the service. If I ever need another hive or swarm removed I will use them again! Fantastic service! Thanks guys!

Claudia M. (Yelp)

I had a crazy swarm of bees in a bush right at my mailbox. Assumed there was a huge hive. I can't remember his name but a guy came to get rid of them. He explained what he was going to do and how they give the bees to local bee keepers etc. people who want them.

He started by smoking them and then scooping them out by hand. I was taking a video to show my kids and he offered to take my phone and shoot an up close vid which was really cool. When he was done he said a few bees will still hang around for a few weeks wondering where the others were but he took the queen and most of them. Sure enough I started to panic because there were still quite a few bees after he left.

Fast forward 4-5 days and only 2 bees or so buzzing around the bush. It's been at least 2-3 weeks now and they're completely gone. And they sent me a bee card afterwards! They really love their bees and as far as removal is totally effective. Highly recommend. No toxic sprays or anything and we need our bees. Places around the country are having bee populations die and that's no Bueno. This company saves them but gets them off your yard.

Linda B. (Yelp)

Wow...just wow!! Dan answered the phone when we called in a panic after finding 20 bees in our living room coming from our fireplace. We have 2 pups and a toddler so it was a bit hectic, to say the least. Dan was courteous, calmed us down, and gave us helpful advice to get rid of the bees. It was seriously the best customer service I have ever received. I will definitely be calling this company again.

Stefanie F. (Yelp)

We had a really bad bee infestation in a deep and narrow enclosure in our attic and Trent came out for two days, accompanied by Dan on the 2nd day, inspected our walls and ceiling near the hive, opened up our roof, deployed a bee trap, scraped out all the honey combs, cleaned the area of bee pheromones, sealed up the roof and tiny gaps in our siding that the bees were using to get in and out. They were courteous, knowledgeable, professional, very thorough and even provided photos of their quality work, which they guarantee for a year. If I have another bee infestation at my residence, I know who to call. Thank you, gentlemen. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Kevin P. (Yelp)

We Save Bees was exactly what we wanted. They were quick to respond with an estimate, Dan was incredibly easy to work with and they were efficient with removing the bees safely. The bees were in the wall between our garage and the exterior of our home. Dan's team cut into our interior garage wall to remove the honeycomb and safely removed all the bees through the exterior wall. They patched the interior wall as well as a few extra exterior holes just in case. Overall, it was a seamless, hassle free experience. And we saved the bees! 🙂

Leigh S. (Yelp)

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that I contacted We Save Bees to remove bees from my shed. Simply exceptional service -- on-time, efficient, and, most importantly, kind to the bees. Earlier reviews hit the mark. Dan is highly knowledgeable with bees, handles them gently, and finds them great new homes! If you care about bees and the environment, don't hesitate to call Dan the Bee Man at We Save Bees to help with any swarm or hive issues. I offer my highest recommendation!

R.W. (Yelp)

Dan the bee man. This was an experience I'll never forget. Dan is so devoted to saving the bees and his assistant Jenny had such wonderful personalities. They were both great to work with. He took time to explained to me and answer any questions I had through the process and even took pictures with our phones while they were doing their job. They pulled two bee hives from our shed and had to cut the floor out to save them. He removed about 8000 bees total. Then fixed the floor of the shed. Unbelievable! He has the magic touch. If I never need to remove bees from our property again I'm definitely going to call Dan and make sure to refer him to my friends. It was a pleasure doing business with you and Jenny! Thank you.

Shannon B.

Kind, Considerate, Careful, Compassionate and Thorough are a few words that come to mind when thinking about ``we save bees.``Dan the Bee Man is a very generous man. He is very good at what he does and actually takes pride in what he does. He loves bees and loves to help people out when they are in need.

We Save Bees does a great service to our part of the nation in saving our super important pollinators. He relocates the honey bees from the removal, either with local bee-keepers, the homeowner if they are interested in starting a back yard beehive, or relocates to one of we-save-bees apiaries.

I highly recommend We Save Bees, and I'm continually pointing people to them for their services.Don't go anywhere else!

A Local Beekeeper (Yelp)

Bee Man Dan removed a huge hive from my roof. He cut a small hole in the roof, safely removed the bees, then repaired the hole. He arrived quickly and the work was done in a few hours. It was an overall awesome experience. I'm grateful that I found Bee Man Dan.

Kristin P.(Yelp)