Live Bee Removal and Relocation

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Hi, I’m Bee Man Dan.  I am dedicated to the rescue, relocation and rehabilitation of honey bees. Why? It’s simply the right thing to do.  It is not only the socially conscious choice, it is the option which leaves the greatest positive environmental footprint where everyone wins. You feel awesome knowing you didn’t have to exterminate your bees, someone ready to shower the bees with love can adopt a hive, the bees have a happy home, you get good karma points from Mother Nature, and we can keep doing what we do best.
My well-trained team and I will safely and humanely remove bees from roofs, walls, chimneys, floors, branches, trees, valve boxes, and just about any silly place bees decide to make a home. The live removal is performed meticulously by hand which utilizes the bees natural behaviors because we are able to communicate in a way the bees understand.  Since we do service the greater San Diego county, the threat of Africanized, or so called Killer Bees is still very possible, we find maybe 1 in 50 hives do exhibit abnormal defensive tendencies, but it is definitely something we can handle and help rehabilitate. 
More importantly than just being tree huggers and animal lovers, we are extremely pragmatic.  Our service includes all necessary repair work, prevention and bee proofing. What you’ll find is we offer incredibly competitive pricing and are actually more cost effective than extermination.

Our Primary Service

Live bee removal



We Perform Humane Bee Hive Removal And Are Dedicated To Finding A Home For These Bees In Rural Areas

Our Recent Work

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Dan Luong did very efficient work and the process was interesting to watch. I contacted five companies before finding him, and Dan's charge was less than half of any of the others, all of whom would have killed the bees rather than relocate them.

Kenneth H.
Kenneth H.

Bee Man Dan removed a huge hive from my roof. He cut a small hole in the roof, safely removed the bees, then repaired the hole. He arrived quickly and the work was done in a few hours. It was an overall awesome experience. I'm grateful that I found Bee Man Dan.

Kristin P.
Kristin P.